Building Materials Division :
  • Chemical analysis of building materials.
  • Determination of physical and mechanical properties of building materials.
  • suitability test of soil for the production of bricks.
  • Chemical analysis of water, soil, paints.
  • Performance test of paint and distemper.
  • Abrasion test of aggregates.
  • Physical & Mechanical properties of aggregates and concrete.
  • Consultancy services for the manufactures of building materials/elements and on various building problems like Efflorescence and corrosion.
Soil Mechanics and Foundation & Engineering Division :
  • Physical properties of soil.
  • Unconfined compression test of soil.
  • Compaction test, of soil.
  • Consolidation test of soil.
  • Triaxial shear test of soil.
  • Collection of undisturbed sample by boring (upto 500 ft.)
  • Standard penetration test of soil.
  • Consultancy services for the sub-soil improvements.
Structural Engineering and Construction Division :
  • Perform load tests.
  • Structural design for building construction guidance.
  • Consultancy services for construction of low-cost buildings.
Housing Division :
  • Architectural design for all types of buildings, lay-out plan for small community/complex with proper use of land and space.
  • Consultancy services for the construction of low cost houses.


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